Bas Relief to Saint John of Shangai

Bronze, granite height - 70??., ??scow, Russia 2015.

On April 30th, 2015, was inaugurated the BasRelief of John of Shangai on the chapel of Reverend Feodor Konuhov who is a world renown traveller, writer & painter.

This project was achieved with the help of mecenates: Vladimir Avdeenko, Igor Batichev & Igor Serebryaniy.

Monument "Islam is Peace"

Bronze, granite height - 3m, Kula Lumpur (Malaysia) 2015.

On March 12th, the National Gallery of Malaysia has permanently installed a monument "Islam is peace" next to its main building. The monument was part of the Gallery's exhibition for more than seven years.

The monument consists of a crescent, the symbol of Islam and olive branch, the symbol of the Christianity. The Olive branch crosses the half moon, forming a curved cross. The opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Board galleries Dato Lokman, General Director Haned Bin Masjak, Director of the Russian Cultural Center A.E.Gulko, philanthropist Tai Keik Hock, various artists and media.

Monument to the poet Lermontov

Bronze, granite height - 2m, Kula Lumpur (Malaysia) 2015.

On February 28th, in the Russian Center of Culture and Science was inaugurated the monument to Mikhail Lermontov. The idea of the monument belongs to the director of the center A.E.Gulko. The monument was donated by the sculptor Gregory Pototsky, with the support of great art collector and patron Tai Keik Hock.

Monument to the Roerich family

Bronze, height - 1.6m, Naggar (India) 2014.

"Russian pyramid of mankind" - that's how the sculptor saw the great family of philosophers and painters. The monument was erected in honor of the 140 years anniversary from the birth of the great Russian humanist and philosopher Nicholas Roerich.

It was unveiled on October 4, in front of the hotel "Kohinoor" in Naggar. The hotel owner, Parveen Kaistha, personally remembers the Roerich family and is very grateful that they made his town famous, turning it into a place of pilgrimage for all Roerich followers.

Monument to the Russian poet M. Lermontov

Bronze, granite, height -1,7m, Xiamen (China) 2014.

In Xiamen University, the Fujian Province, east of China, was unveiled the monument to the Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov. The bronze bust was presented to the University in honor of the 200th anniversary from the poet's birth.

Monument to Tulum's Queen Marisa Urikab

Bronze, height - 2.3 m, Tulum (Mexico) 2014.

On January 22nd in Mexico, was unveiled the monument to the "Cross", dedicated to Queen Marisa Urikab. In the 19th century, an incredible thing happened: three crosses began to speak! They called the Mayan people to fight for their freedom against Spanish rule. The queen of Tulum, Marisa Urikab headed this popular movement, called the “Cult of speaking crosses”. The artist saw the image of the Maya goddess, Ichkhel, into the speaking crosses.

Monument to P. P. Semenovu Tang Shansky

Bronze, height 1.8m, Ryazan (Russia) 2014.

On August 3rd, in Ryazan, in the city park on the Radishcheva street, was erected the bust of the great traveler P. P. Semenov Tan Shansky. The head of the Russian Imperial House, the Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, donated the sculpture to the city.

Monument to General Field Marshal Gurko

Bronze, granite, height 2.3 m, Gurkovo (Bulgaria) 2014.

A monument to the great liberator of the country, Field Marshal General Gurko, was unveiled in the city bearing his name, in honor of the 135th anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke. The Moscow government donated the monument.

Plaque honouring the 220th anniversary of Orthodoxy in America

Bronze, 80cm x 60cm, Washington city (USA) 2013.

On July 21st, the Day of the Kazan Godmother, the grand opening in the Church of St. Catherine, of a memorial plaque dedicated to the 220th anniversary of Orthodoxy in the American continent. This unique bronze bas-relief tells the story of the establishment of Orthodoxy in Alaska and includes the portraits of the Empress Catherine, the merchant Shelikhov, Images of Valaam monks and an Alaska map.

The Metropolitan Tikhon, head of the Orthodox church for all America and Canada , officiated the liturgy of the blessing of the plaque dedicated to the establishment of Orthodoxy in the United States. Tikhon was the first American metropolite to visit Russia.

Monument to General Gurko

Bronze and granite. Height-3m, Sofia (Bulgaria) 2013.

On March 2nd, in Sofia, honouring the 135th anniversary of Bulgaria's liberation from the Ottomans, was inaugurated a monument to the great liberator of the country, General Gurko. The monument was donated by the Moscow government. The ceremony began with a prayer by Neophyte, Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Bulgaria.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria, Yuri Isakov, the State Counsellor 1st Class Vi Tkach, the vice-president of “Rossotrudnichestvo”, Mr. Muradov, the director of the Moscow House, Boris Gromov, the Director of Russian Cultural Centre, Viktor Bazhenov, by representatives of Parliament, by representatives of public organizations, and by the great-grandson of General Gurko.

Monument to Nobel prize laureate, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Bronze and granite. Height - 2m, Quito (Ecuador), 2013.

On Russia Day, June 12, was inaugurated the world's first monument dedicated to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in Quito the capital of Ecuador. This was made possible through the work and support of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Ecuador, Y.A. Burlay.

The opening was attended by political and public figures, writers, as well as family members of the famous painter Guayasamin. The monument, located in Quito’s Palace of Culture. Is a personal donation to Ecuador, by the sculptor Gregory Pototsky". The Russian ambassador in Ecuador commented on the excellent idea of associating a "Red Wheel" to the work of the famous author.

Monument to the Mexican song

Bronze and granite. Height - 2m, Cancun (Mexico), 2013.

On September 26, in Cancun, Mexico was inaugurated a monument dedicated to the "Mexican Song". The gift was made possible with the help and support of the famous actress, Natalia Shell Andreychenko. The ceremony was attended by the Quintana Minister of Culture, Roo Ramon Patron, the Director of the Institute of Culture, Alejandro Hernandez, and members of the artistic and political elite of the city.

Sculptor G. Pototsky commented at the ceremony: "Working on the monument Jimenez, I managed to feel the depth and color of the Mexican soul. This guttural cry for love, like the song "Bessame Mucho" (Kiss me…”.

Plaque to Igor Sikorsky

Bronze, 70cm x 50cm, Philadelphia (USA) 2013.

On January 20, in the city of Chester, at the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, was held the opening ceremony of a memorial plaque to the great scientist designer Igor Sikorsky. Sikorsky was not only the world renown creator of the helicopter, but also an outstanding Christian thinker and philosopher.

The ceremony was attended by the head of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA Metropolitan Justinian, the rector of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Father Alexei Bocharov and by the sculptor Gregory Pototsky, author of the piece. Russia can be proud of a great scientist Igor Sikorski. The plaque is a donation from Russia to USA.

Monument to "Unknown saviours of the Jews"

Bronze and granite. Height - 2m, Philadelphia (USA) 2013.

In Philadelphia, in the Barrack Hebrew Academy, was inaugurated a monument dedicated to "Unknown saviours of Jews during the Holocaust". This establishment studies the history of the Holocaust. The monument is a memory in gratitude to the thousands of unknown people, who risked their own lives to save Jews from the holocaust during the Second World War.

The opening ceremony was attended by more than a thousand people: children and grandchildren of survivors, rabbis, philanthropists, politicians and public figures, and of course, the rector of the academy. The author of the statue, Gregory Pototsky commented on his work: "I searched for a long time for an image illustrating this difficult subject, and finally came to a very simple solution. Prison bars with stretched hands pleading for help... One hand stretched toward freedom tries to help. They both support a star of David. How to illustrate an unknown person? Only through the image of the hands, without any face. Hands, who passed the bread, food in difficult moments in the ghettos. Hands, who sheltered and saved many lives.”

Monument to Yuri Gagarin

Bronze and granite. Height-250cm., Strumica (Macedonia) 2012.

Russia's ambassador to Macedonia, Oleg Shcherbak, unveiling the monument to Yuri Gagarin in front of the citizens. A poem by Sergei Davitaia, "Leningrad Symphony of St. Petersburg", was dedicated to Yuri Gagarin.

The Strumica municipality allocated for the monument a small square in the vibrant heart of the city. The granite pedestal is highly polished revealing the extraordinary beauty of the stone.

Monument to Leo Tolstoy

Bronze and granite. Height - 220 cm., Washington (USA) 2012.

On November 15th., Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, philanthropist Susan Lerman and sculptor Gregory Pototsky opened the Washington monument to Leo Tolstoy.
The bronze bust is installed at the American University, an initiative to expand cultural ties between American and Russian students.

The ceremony was attended by a descendant of famous writer, journalists, representatives of several embassies, the directors of the American University and many students winterested in the Russian culture.

Monument to Anton Chekhov

Bronze, 2m., Nice (France), 2012.

On October 26th was held the inauguratin of the monument to the Russian writer Anton Chekhov. The monument is donated to the city of Nice by the International Academy of Kindness in pertnership with the Russian House in Nice. It is set on the sidewalk facing the hotel "Oasis", where Chekhov once lived.

Work on the Chekhov's monument enlarged the sculptor's plastic thinking; he wanted Chekhov to be remind us of "Don Quixote." The opening ceremony was attended by the mayor of Nice, the president of the Russian House, Helen Metlov and the sculptor himself, Gregory Pototsky.

Confucius Monument at MGIMO

Bronze, 1.5m., Moscow (Russia) 2012?.

The University held a grand opening ceremony of the bust to the great Confucius. The event was attended by the rector of MGIMO A.V. Torkunov, Ambassador of China to Russia, Li Hui, Secretary Pushkin section of the Russia's Writers Union I. Novoselov and member of the International Union of Artists of UNESCO, a member of the Union of Artists, author of the sculptural bust of Confucius G. Pototsky.

The ceremony was opened by MGIMO rector A. Torkunov. Rector spoke about the history of school Sinological MGIMO, contact our university with schools in China, and recalled to meeting with a delegation from Beijing Normal University.

Monument to Stolypin

Bronze, 1.8., San Francisco (USA) 2012.

On the day of the Virgin of Kazan November 4, was opened the monument to the great Russian reformer of 20 century A. Stolypin The ceremony took place in the church of Our Lady of Holy Virgin in San Francisco, USA.

The opening was attended by the Consul General of the Russian Federation V. Vinokourov, descendants of A. Stolypin, who came from Germany and the United States, the Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America Cyril. It was dedicated symposium by the opening of the monument, which was addressed by speakers from various universities in the U.S. and the UK, who spoke on the activities of Stolypin

Monument to Hans Christian Andersen

Bronze, 1.8m., Moscow (Russia) 2011.

The monument to Andersen was inaugurated on Kindness Day, this December 10th, 2011. The same day Russia’s opposition protested by marching on to Bolotnaya square! Russia's salvation is in its spirituality and kindness, and the day of kindness is much more important then any opposition meeting. Our spiritual past is our national pride giving us the right to hope for a brighter future.

The great Danish fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen, taught us kindness; his tales always speaking of good triumphing over evil. We know however that good never fights against evil; good is simply to be kind to all. And the more kindness there will be in the world, the happier our lives will be.

Memorial plaque to Natalia Nikolaevna Pushkina

Bronze, 60x80cm., Kaluga region. (Russia), 2012.

On September 8th, in honour of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Natalia Nikolaevna Pushkina, a bronze memorial plaque was inaugurated at the Polotnyaniy factory in the former Goncharov estate. The famous watercolour by Briullov, where young Natalia is a perfect beauty, is now embodied in bronze and presented to the Goncharov family museum. The author of the book "Natalia Goncharova", Larissa Cherkashina inspired the sculptor to immortalize Natalia in bronze.

Museum director, Vitaly Bessonov, Kaluga region minister of culture, Alexander Tipakov and sculptor Gregory Pototsky, inaugurated the memorial plaque. Descendants of the famous Pushkin family attending the ceremony were, Tatiana Shvedova, Elena Sergeeva, Natalia Goncharova and Nikolai Zhilin.

A bronze bust of Field Marshal M.I. Kutuzov

Bronze, 50cm., Rishnovets (Slovakia), 2012.

In Slovakia, on September 1st, 2012, was inaugurated the bust of Field Marshal M.I. Kutuzov. Sculptor Gregory Pototsky donated the bust for the opening of the Kutuzov museum, in Rishnovets. The bust also commemorates the 200th anniversary of Europe's liberation from Napoleon's occupation.  The mayor of the city, Carol Labosh, accomplished an impossible mission: he restored an abandoned old building to make place for the new Museum to Russian glory, dedicated to Field Marshal Kutuzov. In today's Europe, it is a very bold step! 

The opening ceremony of the museum and the unveiling of the memorial bust to Kutuzov was attended by the mayor of Rishnovets, Carol Labosh, the Russian Ambassador, P. Kuznetsov, the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus, V. Serpikov, and Nikolai Drozdov, MPs of the Slovak Republic. A short prayer by pastor Fedush Marian preceded the ceremony. The sculptural portrait of Mikhail Kutuzov was created with the donations of well-known public figure Joseph Dolnik.

Bust of Filipino healer, Maria Joseline Bilasano

Bronze, 1,70m. Kaluga, Russia, 2012.

The bronze bust of Maria Joseline Bilasano was inaugurated in Ethno Mir. Maria is a hereditary healer and a brilliantly educated modern woman; her gift of healing appeared 16 years ago, and it changed her life. She healed herself and dedicated her life to the Holy Spirit. Maria has a Russian soul and is very fond of Russia, where she spends almost half of her time. Maria's mission on earth is to show everyone how to live in harmony with himself, nature, the universe and God. She teaches that we should not use each other that we should care for our Earth and be grateful for the universe that gives us all her bounty. She devotes her entire life to that only and very worthwhile cause.

Monument to the genius Russian scientist, Yuri Knorozov

Bronze, 3.5m. Cancun, Mexico, 2012.

The monument was donated by Russia and inaugurated on March 23rd, 2012. Yuri Knorozov is the Great Russian scientist who deciphered the Maya glyphs.
Mexican Ambassador, Alfredo Perez Bravo, proposed to create of a monument in his honor for Mexico. Yuri Knorozov is the founder of the Mayanistic School in Russia, Doctor of Sciences (1955) and Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR (1977).

The sculptor found harmony and balance between the abstract nature of  the meaning of life and a realistic image of the subject. The monument's composition is a bilateral relief, which is resembles a cross where the Mayan alphabet is associated with Knorozov's crucifixion. The Mayor of Cancun, Julián Ricalde Magaña, said of the work: "Gregory, you've have created not only a monument to a great Russian scientist, but you have created a new symbol of the Mayan culture - the Goddess Ish-Chel".  The monument to Yuri Knorozov is thus dedicated to the great Mayan culture.

Monument to the world renowned Jamaican musician, Bob Marley

Bronze, 2m. Kingston, Jamaica, 2012.

On September 24th 2011, was unveiled a monument dedicated to Mother Teresa, at the Catholic cathedral of Moscow located on Malaya Gruzinskaya street.

This tiny woman from Albania gave the world unrelenting examples of kindness towards the people in her charge. Her achievements have astounded the world!  The sculptor, Gregory Pototsky, founder of the Academy of Kindness, created this monument as an embodiment of human kindness, such as those actions Mother Teresa accomplished in her own simplicity. When nurses of Mother Teresa visited the studio of the sculptor and looked at the monument, they claimed that the monument resembled our Godmother the Virgin Mary. The outstretched arms, stretching towards the people, illustrate her love for everyone around her! The sculpture is expressive, filled with internal dynamics and vitality that attracts so much; one would almost want to touch her ??hands. Undoubtedly, this monument will become a pilgrimage attraction for believers.

Present at the unveiling ceremony, were members of the Public Chamber of Russia, mister R.R. Atnagulov, the ambassadors of Austria, the Philippines, India, Pakistan and Albania as well as artists Vsevolod Shilovskiy and Natalia Andreichenko. Vatican representatives also present, the Cardinal Jozef Tomko, and archbishops Paolo Pezzi & Ivan Jurkovic, commented that the monument conveyed very well the holy life of Mother Teresa.

Monument to Uriah Levy, Commodore of the US Navy

Bronze, 4m. Philadelphia, USA 2011

On December 16th, 2011 was unveiled the monument to the Commodore of the US Fleet, Admiral Uriah Levy. Friends of sculptor, Harry Tabakh and Joshua Lendes accomplished an near impossible mission: the monument received a place of honor sitting just in front of the Independence Bell, where the US constitution was proclaimed. Next to it stand a building known to all Americans, because it is depicted on the One hundred US dollar bill; it is the building where the independence of USA was declared. The monument to Admiral Urai Levy proudly stands on a high pedestal on the famous square, named in Haym Salomon's honor, next of the famous synagogue bearing his name. 

Monument to Japanese film director, Kaneto Shindo

Bronze, 3m. Moscow, Russia 2011.

The monument is an expression of love and gratitude for Kaneto Shindo's great films. Several masters of Russian theatre and film directors and actors, Andrew Zhitinkin, Igor Yasulovich, Gorgy Natanson, Vladimir Mirzoev, Vladimir Fokine, Alexander Stefanovich and Sergei Gurzo wanted to express their love to Kaneto while he was still living. They also recorded a video message to Kaneto Shindo, which was directly transmitted to him in Japan during the ceremony. It is fortunate that we had time to thank the great man during his lifetime, because on May 29th, 2012 he passed away. His life was a full century of faith in search for social justice and constant frustration from the obvious lack of it. Throughout his life this small man, showed a huge beating heart of decent humanity.


Bronze, 3m. Moscow (Russia), 2011

On September 24th 2011, was unveiled a monument dedicated to Mother Teresa, at the Catholic cathedral of Moscow located on Malaya Gruzinskaya street.

This tiny woman from Albania gave the world unrelenting examples of kindness towards the people in her charge. Her achievements have astounded the world!  The sculptor, Gregory Pototsky, founder of the Academy of Kindness, created this monument as an embodiment of human kindness, such as those actions Mother Teresa accomplished in her own simplicity. When nurses of Mother Teresa visited the studio of the sculptor and looked at the monument, they claimed that the monument resembled our Godmother the Virgin Mary. The outstretched arms, stretching towards the people, illustrate her love for everyone around her! The sculpture is expressive, filled with internal dynamics and vitality that attracts so much; one would almost want to touch her hands. Undoubtedly, this monument will become a pilgrimage attraction for believers. Present at the unveiling ceremony, were members of the Public Chamber of Russia, mister R.R. Atnagulov, the ambassadors of Austria, the Philippines, India, Pakistan and Albania as well as artists Vsevolod Shilovskiy and Natalia Andreichenko. Vatican representatives also present, the Cardinal Jozef Tomko, and archbishops Paolo Pezzi & Ivan Jurkovic, commented that the monument conveyed very well the holy life of Mother Teresa.

Plaque to the singer Valentina Tolkunova

Bronze, 60cmX90cm. Moscow (Russia), 2011

On July 1st 2011 was unveiling of a memorial plaque to Valentina Tolkunova that was put on the Moscow State University of Culture building. Valentina Tolkunova is one of the brightest stars of our stage, she won 23 times the prize "Song of the Year." This record wasn't breaken yet!

The initiator of the memorial plaque installation was the Rector of MGUKI, R.Abdulatipov; he commented: "This year we give our respects and gratitude to a graduate of the MGUKI, a great singer, Valentina Tolkunova."

The sculptor G. Pototsky added: "in my sculpture, is the tenderness, joy and desire to create a talent that is so giving to people! Valentina Tolkunova is my sculptural image that will forever remain in the university as a memory of this great graduate". The opening ceremony was attended by Culture Minister, Alexander Avdeev, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, A.P.Torshin, executive director of the "Russian World", Vyacheslav Nikonov, a presidential advisor on culture, Y.K.Laptev, Ambassadors, artists Bary Alibasov, Nadejda Babkin, Yuri Kuklachev, Polad Bul-Bul Ogly and many others.

Monument to the poet José Rizal, of the Philippines

Bronze, 4m. Manila (Philippines), 2011

2011 is the 150th anniversary of the great Filipino poet, Jose Rizal. It has also been 35 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and the Philippines.

The sculptor Gregory Pototsky, at the request of Senator Manny Villar, created an unusual image of the poet and donated it, from Russia to the Philippines. The composition shows the last moments of poet's life before his execution: it is a flight into immortality. Flight is an expression of freedom, it is what the poet gave his life for, fighting for the independence of the Philippines from Spain. The monument to Jose Risal is erected on the university campus, so students will have the example of the poet, the philosopher, the writer, who gave his life for his country.

The opening ceremony of the monument was held on June 25th 2011. There was fifteen hundred invited guests: ambassadors, governors, mayors, representatives of creative and political elite. The opening was made by Russian Ambassador to the Philippines Nicholas Kudashev.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin at the Alexandria Library

Bronze, 2m. Alexandria (Egypt), 2011

On June 12th, 2011, in the Library of Alexandria, was inaugurated a monument to the great poet Alexander Pushkin, in order to promote a positive image of Russia in the Middle East region.

The monument was made in the Egyptian style. Pushkin's head is turned sharply to the right, which reminds us of ancient Egyptian murals. A sharp upward movement symbolizes the aspiration for the stars, to eternity. With one hand he leans on a cane, and he si wearing a coat. It seems massive and heavy, which emphasizes a strong, powerful figure of the poet.

The monument was inaugurated by the Russian Consul General, Alexander S.Y.Petlyakov, a representative of the Moscow Regional Duma, Natalia Popova, Deputy Director of the Alexandria Library, Mrs. Islambouli, director of the Russian Cultural Centre A.Arzoumanian, famous writers, poets, artists of Russia and Egypt.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin on Rhodes

BronBronze, 60cm. Rhodes (Greece), 2011

The monument was inaugurated on May 28th, 2011, in the Museum of Contemporary Art in the city of Rhodes. The monument was donated to the city by the famous Russian sculptor Gregory Pototsky, who is also the author of monuments to Pushkin in 13 other countries. The artist believes that the Greeks are the closest in spirit to the Russian people. "Now here is a bust of a Russian classic, in historical building of the municipal art gallery in the heart of medieval Rhodes, said sculptor.

The opening ceremony of the monument was attended by Director of Russian Center for Science and Culture at the Russian Embassy in Athens, the head of representation Rossotrudnichestvo, Alexander Khomenko, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of Greece, Georgios Nikitiadis, the governor of the southern Aegean Sea, the mayor of Rhodes and many other special guests.

Monument to Saint Nicholas

Bronze, granite  2.0m, Washington , United-Sates, 2010.

The monument to St. Nicholas Thaumaturge was inaugurated in Washington at the church of St. Nicholas, this December 5th. 2010. After mass the statue of St. Nicholas was consecrated by his Eminence Jonah, Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of America and Canada. The opening was attended by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the U.S.A and several dignitaries of the Orthodox Church Abroad and the Orthodox Church in America. Saint Nicholas lived to promote the kindness between people, and a monument to the great Christian ascetic on American soil would be a symbol of tolerance in the friendly relations between our countries.  The saint holds a Holy Bible  in his left hand   and the right hand is blessing.

Plaque to the BUROV family

Bronze  (30cmX60cm)  Chester, United-Sates, 2010

At the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas in Chester (suburb of Philadelphia) has been inaugurated a memorial plaque to the  Burov family. Nina Burova was a young mother of two when she was nominated as  Cossack army chief officer during the Civil War. In one battle she was wounded and captured by the Red Guards. Her husband, General Peter Burov was of the General Staff of the Royal Army who fought with Denikin during the Civil War. The family now living in the United States, helps building churches and schools and plays an important role in the Russian community. 

The sculptor created a very interesting concept: three portraits, and above them the image of Our Lady blessing them. The purpose of the artist is to pay a tribute to the memory of amazing Russian people that preserve the culture of Russia and the Orthodox faith abroad. As the artist quote, “who remembers the past will have a future”. Without memory there is no future. The commemorative plaque was inaugurated by the Metropolitan Justinian.

Monument to Leo Tolstoy

Bronze, granite – 2m, Mandau, Philippines, 2010

A bust to Leo Tolstoy bust was inaugurated during the opening ceremonies of the three-day International Business forum at the CEBU International Convention Center in Mandau that was held in October 2010. Gregory Pototsky donated the Leo Tolstoy monument to the Philippines to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the writer.

The Tolstoy bust and other works by Pototsky where shown in the CEBU and have attracted much interest among the people eager to know more about the great and colorful history and culture of Russia.

Monument to St. John of Shanghai

Bronze, granite  1.8m, Washington , United-Sates, 2010.

September 11th, in  the garden of St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral was held the opening ceremony of the monument-icon of St. John of Shanghai The saint has a very special meaning in the history for Russian people in America.

When the revolution of 1917 started  in Russia, many Russians fled to China. They settled there, recreating places of Russian culture. 25 years latter, Soviet troops entered China to help the Chinese revolution. Five thousand Russians along with John of Shanghai fled to one Philippine island that was not fit for a life. John of Shanghai was called then "John bare foot" (he never wore shoes); he came to the U.S. Congress and persuaded it to change the emigration law, so that the 5000 Russians managed to enter the United States. Soon after they left the island, it was destroyed by a tornado. The local Filipinos said that while St. John of Shanghai prayed over the island it had no hurricanes. John of Shanghai is one of the greatest examples of kindness in the XX century.

Monument to the Book

Bronze, granite  1.5m, Khimki , Russia 2010.

In July 1, 2010 in Moscow, during the forum "Culture as a strategical resource of the Russia in the XXI century" was inaugurated the "Monument to the Book" by sculptor Gregory Pototsky, on the site of the Moscow State University of Culture in Khimki. The monument is a large book of A.S. Pushkin, which is installed in such a way that it creates a feeling of floating on air. The book shows on the left side Pushkin's profile and on the right his immortal poem: "I remember a wonderful moment ..." Under the book is a giant pen and a lyra on the left... The stone base, formed as a cloud, incorporates images of the book, the lyre and the pen. The monument is small in size, but a profound and deep in content. Unveiling was attended by the rector of MGUKI, R.G. Abdulatipov, the deputy minister of Culture, A.E. Busigin, the mayor of Khimki,V. Strelchenko, singer Iosif Kobzon, musician Igor Butman, pianist Yuri Rozum, Bari Alibasov and many others.

Monument to A.P. Chekhov in COLOMBO (SRI LANKA)

Bronze, granite 1.8m, Colombo, Sri-Lanka 2010.

In August 14, was the inauguration of the monument to Anton Chekhov, in Colombo (Sri Lanka), in honour of his 150 year anniversary and the 120 th anniversary since his stay on the island. Chekhov called this place a paradise ...Еhe monument is donated by Russia to Sri Lanka, by the Writers Union of Russia, the International Academy of Kindness, and the creator of the monument G. Pototsky, with the support of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Sri - Lanka in the Russian Federation, U. Weeratunga . Mr. Pototsky said: "Chekhov for me is a spring, which gave me wings to fly..." a profound psychological image of the writer's great spiritual tension. Chekhov, is perhaps one of the most mysterious and most tragic of Russian writers.

Monument to Turgenev and Viardot

Bronze, 1.8m, Bougival , France 2010.

This sculpture represents the most beautiful 19th century's example of love. This piece, very modern in it's composition, tells the deep and passionate love that tied the great author Turgenev to the French opera singer Viardo, for more than 40 years. This monument is dedicated to a French woman, Muse and good angel for Turgenev. France was very proud of her. The composition is romantic and dynamic. On one side we see Turgenev surrounded by his books, on the other is Viardo with roses playing the lyra. The leave is pierced at the top in the author's hart, and on the reverse side on the lyra. This monument is dedicated to "Year of Russia " in France. At the same time it is a tribute to Pauline Viardot's death a 100 years ago. Marina Vladi read fragment of Songs Triumphant Love, a poem in prose by Turgenev in French and Russian languages, and also love letters exchanged between Pauline Viardot and Turgenev.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin in the Philippines.

Bronze, granite 3m, Manila, Philippines, 2010.

On January 29th, 2010 in Manila, was inaugurated a monument to the great Russian poet. The ceremony was attended by ambassador of Russia to the Philippines, V.J. Vorobiev, the governor-mayor of Manila, Mr. Lim, The president of the Parliament of the Philippines, Juan Ponce Enrile, former president of Parliament, Manny Villar, who visited studio of the sculptor in 2009. This meeting led ot the idea of erecting a monument to A.S. Pushkin and sign an agreement that Moscow and Manila would become twin cities. This is the first cultural project of this type after 34 years of diplomatic relations between our countries.

Monument to the "The triumphant life"

Bronze, 3m, Nizhny Novgorod , Russia 2009.

This monument   is a very important symbol of the philosophy of our times. In August 2009, the world celebrated the 20th  anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The fall of this wall from the Cold War, symbolized the end of the Iron Curtain. In this composition, a young girl steps into an infinite " Moebius strip”. This represents the end of ideologies such as Fascism and Communism, during which many endured to survive helplessly.  Many believe that the end of the cold war is the victory of occidental ideals; but this vision is wrong. There can be no victory over the millions of people who gave their lives for such ideals.
Societies make many mistakes, but from them often sprout life, kindness and peace. Evil soon dies. This monument is a search for common sense, an image to victorious peace, to greatness in tolerance and understanding our past.
The monument was presented to the people of the city of Peshelan (Arzamas district, Nizhny Novgorod region)  on August 28th, 2009.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin
Bronze, marble, 1.8m, Istanbul, Turkey 2009.

Alexander Pushkin (1899-1937was the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature). This monument was erected in Istanbul, (One of Pushkin’s ancestor came from that country) where Okan University is located.

On the opening ceremony were present, the general consul of Russia in Istanbul A. Krivenko, the rector of the Okan University, Sadik Kirbas and others.

Monument to Serbian writer Milorad Pavic.
Bronze, granite, 1.8m, Moscow, Russia, June 2009.

Monument erected inside the yard of the Foreign Literature Library in Moscow on. It was created for the 80th. anniversary of the writer. The sculptor’s intention was to honor the great writer during his lifetime, to break the tradition of awarding honors to great people after their death. On the opening ceremony came hundreds of people who respect the writer as a classic of world literature.


"Alexander, the Macedonian"
Bronze - 5m, Miami, United-Sates 2009

This monument establish by "Related group" аnd its CEO President George Perez. The monumeny expresses the mission of America in the world.


Monument to the physicist A. Saharov
Bronze - 1,5m, Nijny Novgorod, Russia 2008

Andrey Saharov was the genius nuclear physician who created the first hydrogen atomic bomb.
His work was originally dedicated to military science and technical progress. Later understanding his work was turned against humanity, much against his own will, he became a human rights defender in his own land and was much in demand around the world, even as he fought against Gorbatchev, to organise the nuclear disarmament treaties with USA (then with president R.Reagan).In the monument, his unnatural sitting position, somewhat like a tortured person, represents his fight with the communist regime that would lead to his degrading quality of life and premature death. Millions of Russians remember him as the weak man the power in place could not defeat.

Mittered Archepriest V.Golunsky
Bronze - 1m, Colombelle, France 2008

In France, in Colombelle, willl be the inauguration of a monument to the bishop Vladimir Golunsky. France has shown friendship and helped greatly in the immigration of many Russian at the turn of the last century (1917). France has expressed great respect to the Russian priest who bore to all people words of love and kindness by namingt a street in his honnour in the city of Colombelle in Normandy. On September, 28th, 2006 the bronze bust will be transferred to the city of Colombelle as a tribute to the Russian priest. The Metropolite Cyril of Russia has blessed an image Vladimir Golunsky and gives all his support support of our project.

Alexander Pushkin
Bronze - 1m, Banya-Luka, Republic of Serbia 2008

A monument to Alexander Pushkin was inaugurated in the town Banya-Luka in the park in front of the People's Theater of the Republic of Serbiana.
At the opening ceremony were present, the mayor of city Dragolyub David and Ranko Risoevich, director of library of the People's University of The Republic of Serbia .
At the ceremony, Risoevich quoted "For over 250 years Pushkin's words largely expressed the Russian poetry, Russian soul and Russian slavyan openness,
and his immortal words connect souls the world over".
Gregory Pototsky donated the monument as a gift to the city of Banya-Luka along with a collection of paintings «Woman as she is».

Soldiers missing at war - Herons flying
Bronze - 4m, Ivanteyevka, Russia 2007

How to express memory to our soldiers who never returned from war?
The eternal flame symbolises this memory. The sculptor tried to cast the flame in bronze and souls of the soldiers a shown as herons flying. As they fly for eternity and the unknown, they remain always in our memories. The inauguration of the monument took place on September 8 2007 in Moscow region, Ivanteevka city

Monument to kindness - Dandelion
Bronze - 2m.

Variations of the monument were inaugurated in Tallinn (Estonia, 2007), Yurmala (Latvia, 2008), Nikolayev (Ukraine, 2008), Ratch (2008) & Grossmain (2009) in Austria, Val d'Isère (France, 2009), Guangzhou (China, 2009), Moscow (Russia, 2010), Stepanakert (Nagorno-Karabakh, 2010), Geneva (Switzerland, 2010), Quito (Ecuador, 2011), Cebu (Philippines, 2011), Rhodes (Greece, 2011), Nirmeddish (Hungary, 2012), Malaysia (2014), Sevastopol and Jeleznogorsk (Russia, 2014), Cancun and Playa del Carmen (Mexico, 2012, 2014)

This monument symbolises the fragility of friendship love and kindness. Each branch represents a hand saying « hello » and in the middle of each I placed an eye that one could see as an open and kind hart.

The base is shape as leaves looking like open lips for the kisses from which love begins. All these symbols are grouped to show us that together they make us understand that love and kindness is our greatest cement for relations to each other as it should also be between countries.

View each monuments worldwide at the International Academy of Kindness


Bronze - 2м, Ivanteyevka, Russia 2007

22nd of May is Saint-Nicholas anniversary. On this day of 2007 was inaugurated a monument nearby the church of Smolensk God Mother in the city of Ivanteyevka, near Moscow. It was placed in a rotunda designed by the city architect Vladimir Gubsky. During these modern times it is most important to remember spiritual sources; the city mayor Elena Suhanova gave excellent collaboration and understanding to social and spiritual life of her constituents.

The monument source is an icon of the saint dating back to the 13th century that was donated to the city by the Gregory Pototsky. It should be noted that the sculptor was the first in Russia to create monuments in bronze to Saint-Nicholas; in fact in is not usual in Russia to erect monuments to saints when icons are usually the norm.

The poet Alexander Pushkin
Bronze - 2м, Ningbo, China 2008

Every new monument to A. Pushkin is different from the preceding one. Despite of this it is always a Pushkin!

Although this monument is 2 meters, Pushkin appears smaller, as he really was in his life. The monument proportions shows us a true similitude of his person as he holds on to his cane which in those times was an object of fashion; few artists if any ever showed him with it. But as an art element included by Pototsky, it gives us a better understanding of the poet.

The original cane’s weight was 16 kg, and Pushkin used it every day to exercise and keep strong arm muscles as he was a famous duellist. The head on the monument seams slightly larger than it should be, and this precise feature confirms us that A. Pushkin is really present in front of our eyes.


Islam is peace
Bronze - 3м, Malaysia 2007

For a long time I searched for a symbol that could represent tolerance across all religious faiths. In the Arabic language the words “Islam” and “Peace” have the same roots. Finally, I found one such symbol or rather combination of symbols; it is simple for everyone to understand, and it incorporates the Islamic croissant and the Peace branch of the olive tree.

Their peaceful spatial arrangement combined in one monument, called "Islam is Peace", reminds all of us that the word Islam is in reality the word Peace.


Naghib Mahfouz, 1911-2006 Litterature Nobel prize laureat of 1988
Bronze - 1,8m, Moscow 2007

The monument to the great Arab writer from Egypt, Naghib Mahfouz, was inaugurated in the Moscow Diplomatic University Library (MGIMO) on December 11th, 2007. The author was the first Arab person to receive the 1988 Nobel prize in literature and his works were mainly novels, plays and scripts for the Arabic cinema. He was very progressive and open minded that his life was threatened several times.

Photographer P. Halsman
Bronze - 2м , Riga Latvia 2011

May 2th in Riga, near the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, in front of the home Philippe Halsman on the street Kalku 6 was unveiled the monument to the great photographer Philippe Halsman.
This citizen of Latvia gave us unprecedented pictures of people that made history, such as Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Salvatore Dali and Winston Churchill. The Second World War forced him to immigrate to USA where he worked and polished his photographic art.

The monument shows parts of an image just as in darkroom practices now forgotten, where images dipped in chemicals would appear gradually; here the head, a camera, wings and finally the whole frame around the image. This is the abstract process the artist transferred here to bronze.


Bronze - 1м, Konuhov's Moscow chapel, 2006

On November 5th, 2006, the world famous adventurer Feodor Konuhov inaugurated in his chapel honouring navigators, mountain climbers, and other adventurers, a bronze "bas relief" of Saint-Nicholas.

The chapel to Saint Nicholas was erected in 2004 with Kohunov's own money , and Kohinov adds that his promise to built the chapel came about as he was passing the Cape Horn on his sail boat. The bronze art work was created by the world renown Russian artist Gregory Pototsky.

Monument to Love
Bronze - 3.5m, Moscow 2004

The monument to "LOVE" was inaugurated in 2004 in Moscow's Trubetskoy park. One man and one woman stand back to back in one person and their outstretched arms form branches, such as the tree of life. One may also see a leaf with nerves mixing as the life of each one tied together forms one destiny.

Piercings in the bronze give lightness and a sense of soaring. It is already a good tradition for newlyweds in Moscow to visit the park and kiss through on hole of the sculpture for a prosperous and loving life.

Y. Turgenev and P. Viardo
Bronze - 2m, Moscow, 2004

The monument was be inaugurated in October 2004 in the
Moscow Institute for International Relations « MGIMO » .

This piece, very modern in it's composition, tells the deep and passionate love that tied the great author Turgenev to the French opera singer Viardo, for more than 40 years. This monument is dedicated to a French woman, Muse and good angel for Turgenev; France was very proud of her.

The composition is romantic and dynamic; the sculpture revolves with the mere touch of the hand. It's shape is that of a tree leave, the favourite one of the author. On one side we see Turgenev surrounded by his pens, on the other we see Viardo with roses playing the lyra. The leave is pierced at the top in the author's hart, and on the reverse side on the lyra.

Salvador Dali
Bronze - 3m, Valencia, Spain 2006

Dali, who can translate him in sculpture?

To imitate his style is plagiat, to make a classical monument of his person will not do him justice. Thus only remains this question; who was Dali? Gregory Pototsky put his thoughts to elude this question. The monument shown here, dedicated to the great 20th century painter Salvador Dali is his answer; Dali is our very own Don Quixote.

One should easily see in his wife and muse Gala, the Dulcinea of Cervantes who was also Spanish like the famous painter. Dali’s work opposes « farce » and « horror » to provoque his contemporaries : through his eyes, post romantic man views his own spiritual emptiness. Difficult to admit but nonetheless truthful image of Dali.

Anton Chekov
Bronze - 1.8m, Nice and Tokyo (2 variations)- 2004

Chekhov’s monument is created in conceptual style and reflects the whole depth of writer’s psychology and dramatic effect. Chekhov’s figure is similar with Don Kikhot’s one. In his creation the sculptor wanted to show that the Russian literature is full of heroism. And the mourning of the little man is not withstanding how the noble motives turned out to be useless.

This Russian heroism took away millions of human lives. The dog Kashtanka, being depicted in a flight is the mode of Russian people who had wallowed and spitted the idea of communism with their intestines.

Chekhov was an outstanding writer, but remained a “little man”

St-Nicholas missionary in Japan
Bronze - 1.8m, Tokyo, 2004

On his first visit to Japan, Gregory Pototsky was quite surprises to hear about a Russian priest who came in the 19th to convert the Japanese to the Orthodox church; more than 30,000 followed his teachings. He was able there to achieve the construction of one of the most beautiful Orthodox church.

The artist had the feeling that the eyes of the saint looked at him with love and understanding; that Saint-Nicholas will come and bless him.

Lafkadio Hern
Bronze - 1.8m, Tokyo, 2004

Lafkadio Hern, left his homeland of England to live in Japan; there he married a local woman and stayed there all his life. As he learned the art of meditation on mount Fujiyama, he studied Japanese and finally wrote 25 books in that language. Portrait shows to side of his personality, first as a London "dandy" of the time and second, from profile, as a Japanese medium.

The bust was set on a granite base alongside another of a great Russian artist A. Chekov; the works were commissioned by one of the school professors who translated to Japanese the complete works of the Russian writer.

President of Macedonia, B. Traikovsky
Bronze/Granit - 6m, Strumitsa Macedonia 2005

The monument was inaugurated in Strumitsa, Macedonia, in memory of the late president Boris Traikovsky who was assassinated.....Since the great Alexander, Macedonians consider themselves as victors; the base of the sculpture which is in the form of a V, represents VICTORY.

One part, is a pedestal to the bust of the president, the other is Mother of Macedonia holding a cross inserted in a crown of laurels to bless both country and president.

Requiem to victims of a genocide
Bronze - 2.5m, Macedonia, 2005

Anger destroys blindly...and the victims of a genocide have no power to stop the pain of their slayers. The monument has the same senseless feeling of incomprehension than that of the deaths of the victims.

This may be the clue as to how precious and unique each life should be, even in a world without art nor beauty; the lyre without strings, pierced by a javelin symbolises this emptiness.

Monument to WW2 heroic students of the Foreign affairs university
Granite - 2м, Moscow, 2005

Conception of the monument is simple and precise. It is true to members from this university, that died in front of the German invaders during the Second World War.

The monolith, containing the names of the dead soldiers, with the half star, forms a transparent silhouette of a ”cross” symbol of their destiny; they died defending their native land wearing caps bearing the red star. This was the heroic deed of their life.

Emile Nelligan and Alexander Pushkin
Bronze - 2.3m, Quebec City (Canada), 2004

In august 19th., 2004, the monuments to A. Pushkin and E. Nelligan were inaugurated in Quebec City (Canada). These monuments are a gift from the city of Saint-Petersburg to it’s Canadian sister city. At this ceremony were present, the mayor of Quebec City, the Honourable J.P. Lallier and the Vice Governor of Saint-Petersburg, the Honourable M.E. Oseyevsky.

This project was more than four years in the making. These busts actually inspired Quebec City council to create a special street, called « Alley of the poets », dedicated to great poets from friendly cities around the world. These poets represent two cities tied by many similarities, such as flourishing culture, Nordic climate and iced closed sea ports; it is also a fact that both cities were once capitals of their country.

Bronze - 2.5m, Romanian embassy, Moscow, 2005

Art and poetry from the Romanian culture personage of Luchaferul, is solidified and fixed in time in this bronze monument. The monument soars form it's base to show us the way to freedom from stereotypes and prejudices. The monument departs from old classical teachings and opens the way to a new sense of the romantics

Plaque to academician Y. Hariton
Bronze - 1m, Moscow, 2004

This plaque was placed on the house (number 9, Tverskaya street, Moscow) where the nuclear academician Y. Hariton lived from 1950 to 1984. The physician was greatly responsible for the Russian nuclear program. One the greatest of the 20th century he was also a three times receiver of the "Order of heroes of the Soviet Union"

A.I. Polejaev
Bronze - 1.8m, Mordovia (Russia), 2004

Friend of the great writer A. Pushkin, the Russian romantic poet A.I Polejaev, participated in the 1825 "Decembrist" revolution. The monument was inaugurated for his 200th anniversary in his native city of Rousayevka.

He was an acclaimed intellectual, very much in advance for his time, where literature played a major leading role at the time. G.Pototsky received at the opening, as recognition and gift, one special patriotic song from an elderly man.

Mother God
Bronze - 3.2m, Sofia (Bulgaria) 2003

The monument “Mother of God” was inaugurated in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was created for the 125 years of the liberation of the Bulgarian people from the Ottoman dictature. The opening became a symbol of Russian-Bulgarian “rapprochement”.

On the opening ceremony were present, the mayor of Moscow J.M.Luzhkov and the mayor of
Sofia V. Sofijanski, as well as representatives of there patriarchy.

Aram Khachaturian
Bronze - 92cm, Erevan (Armenia) 2003

In October 14th. 2003, Gregory Pototsky donated to the Armenian Historical Museum (Erevan), as very special composition called « Dance with swords » dedicated to Aram Khachaturian. This piece was made for the 100th. anniversary of the great Armenian composer.

Emile Nelligan
Bronze - 2.8m, Saint-Petersburg, 2003

On May 30th, 2003, on behalf of the government of Canada, for the 300 years anniversary of Saint-Petersburg he inaugurated the bust of the poet Emile Nelligan At the opening were present, the Prime minister of Canada, the Honourable Jean Chrétien, and the governor of Saint Petersburg, V.Jakovlev, as well as representatives of the ministry of culture.

One inspiring fact is that there is only on photograph of the poet. The French Canadian people recognise the extraordinary work by the sculptor who captured the true face of the poet who symbolises deep rooted french culture.

Bronze - 6m, Demre (Turkey) 2000

Celebrating the birth of Christ, he inaugurated in Turkey the monument to “Saint-Nicholas”, one of the brightest representatives of Christianity. The monument was established on the central square of Demre. Were present at this solemn ceremony, the heads of the Turkish government, representatives from 50 countries around the world, spiritual leaders of all religious faiths, and representatives of the Moscow Patriarchy.

Monument to Peace
Marble - 6m, Demre (Turkey) 2001

In Turkey, was inaugurated the “Monument to Peace” , as a prediction monument. The composition of the monument precisely reflects the twin-towers in New York. This monument became the main object for the film, which was made in the same year.

This monument was certainly received rather timidly at first by the people of Turkey, but soon came to understand it's simple sculptural meditation on eternity. This piece was one of the few orders received by the painter/sculptor with absolutely no preconception or suggestive guidance; he thus had total freedom to create, uncensored, an genius masterpiece in simplicity, courage and absolute art mastery.

The Source
Marble - 4m, Demre (Turkey) 2001

The symbol behind this piece is quite obviously the letter "A".
The sculptor wanted to mark here a beginning in the same manner this letter represents the start of the alphabet and the beginning of all words. The one piece marble stone trusts skyward to suggest the origin of all things to earth. It's double side texture; smooth on one and rough on the other suggest that the nature of man is often constructed of opposing ideas.

Many will see in the piece the teachings of Saint-Nicholas or those of Saint-Andre as both saints established the basic thinking for a new faith and a new life.

Sigismund Herberstein
Bronze - 1.8m, Moscow, 2000

On behalf of the government of Slovenia, as a gift to Moscow, he inaugurated the bust to “Sigismund Herbershtein”. It is the first and unique monument to this great European; a diplomat, statesman and writer, who opened Russia to Europe in the 16th. century. (see author notes about Moskovia)

Bronze - 2.2m, Kolomna (Russia), 1996

In May, 15 in Kolomna, celebrating the 300 years of the Russian naval fleet city, was inaugurated the monument to apostle Saint-Andre, the patron saint of the Russian fleet. Were present, admirals and rear admirals of the Russian fleet. It was the first monument to this apostle in Russia.

Alexander Pushkin

Bronze - 2.8m, Hemmer (Germany) 1994

When the last Russian soldier left Germany, he inaugurated in Hemmer the monument to “A.S Pushkin” a mark of rapprochement of cultures and the integrity of the world. At the opening ceremony were present the Hemmer burg master, Klaus Burda and the mayor Shchelkovo, N.P. Pashin.

Requiem to Alexander Pushkin
Bronze - 2.4m, Los Angeles (USA) 1996

This composition is MUSE bearing two wings; one represents kindness the other anger. Luck represented by a horseshow binds the wings of the Russian poet. This assembly of wings and horseshow represent the broken ring of Russian life.

The poet can only reach glory and freedom through this ring and his death. The muse Natalya (his wife) holds Pushkin’s head in its hand as Salome did with the head of Jean the Baptist. Pushkin was the prophet of Russian literature.




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